200x Rare Samen White + Black Rose-Blumensamen Haus Garten Blumen Pflanzensamen

Germany, Sachsen, Dresden
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200x Rare Samen White + Black Rose-Blumensamen Haus Garten Blumen Pflanzensamen
Germany, Sachsen, Dresden,
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Condition: 100% Brand New and High Quality

Grow Temp: 10-30℃

Sowing time: Summer

Flowering time: Spring , Summer, Autumn

Color: Red & White

Quantity: 1pack (about 200 seeds)

Purity ≥85%

Clarity ≥85%

Germination rate ≥85%

Water content ≤10%

Seed age 720 days

Seeding method:

1. flower planting is generally carried out in protected areas, at least

from the storm or appropriate shading cooling and other infrastructure,

in order to reach

Budding varieties to various conditions required to ensure that their budding rate.

2. choose breathable loose soil (generally used in fine peat, peat or leaf mold) into pots or seeding tray

3. the soil irrigated (water distribution point carbendazim or thiophanate

or chlorothalonil reach soil disinfection purposes, often with
evenly sprinkle the seeds on the soil.

4. mulch the planting conditions


fine seeds (such as Emerald Fluorescent Flower, Crocus, cineraria,

Begonia seeds, etc.) do not need to mulch, but be careful to maintain

soil moisture. Mouth watering with a fine spray of water to moisture,

high water, then easily put away or rushed to the depths of the soil

seed, top soil sprouting tiny seed is not easy. Or on the prepared basin

and put a wet towel,

Such seeds would not go out in the soil below, or in front of the spray

method with the same moisture. Proven, fine seed put wet paper towels on

the practice of soil, germination rate than direct sowing in the soil

is high in many buds.

(2) large seeds will have to mulch thickness of 2-3 times the size of the seed.

(3) the number, kind enough good seed sprouting gloss casing and too

light-related, such as pansies and so too light of the seed, and must

not expose the casing after sowing the seeds. If the seed does not

germinate before, for other reasons seeds exposed soil surface will also

fill soil, until no seeds. Flower seeds after sowing, the soil must be

kept moist, but not waterlogged, not dry before sprouting water, which

is especially important for fine seeds.

5. most seed germination optimum temperature at 20-25 degrees. Needs to be

noted is that some low temperature conditions must seeds


to germinate, flower buttercup, delphinium. Most herbs and winter

sowing of seeds, the temperature not higher than 25 degrees; spring

sowing child not less than 20 degrees, if not up to temperature, raise

the temperature with plastic wrap. Cling film also has a moisturizing

effect. In summer, all seeds should be placed in a cool place, to shade

from the storm. Will have to keep warm in winter and frost. Seed

germination is not long before the root, you need to add water to

sustain human life, to maintain soil moisture, but not waterlogged.

6. if covered with plastic wrap until the seeds germinate to promptly

remove promptly moved pots have a place to see the scattered light

Light and seed germination in a timely manner after applying some fertilizer,

such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate. Concentration of fat at around

200 times the concentration.

Degree is not too high. So grow some after fertilization depending on the growth conditions of the plant.

7. such as when the seed grows to 2-3 leaves, you can transplant .5-6

leaves promptly colonization. Degrees before planting pots put a little


Release granular fertilizer (such as fertilizer) and the decomposition of organic fertilizer.

8, if you want to plant some future fullness, you can jump the queue or topping. Also play a role in dwarfing.

Second, planting a seeding density planting hole basin can Bunch one or more

tablets per according to the actual situation. Nursery pots planted

varieties in general one thousand per square meter may be sowing the

seeds 1-2. According to nursery pots before sowing the seeds evenly area

is divided into several parts, one per pot.

2. sowing larger seeds can even sow the substrate, or drilling, the

smaller seeds such as petunia, snapdragon, to use clean sand and mix

well before sowing. Particularly large seeds such as sweet pea,

cyclamen, on demand.

3. the depth and the depth of overburden sowing the seeds sown by the size

and needs of seed germination light of the decision. Sowing the seeds

of depth is generally 2-3 times the seed diameter. Some species, such as

petunia, pansy summer, starry flowers, Begonia, germination should be

light, without covering matrix, direct sowing in the soil surface; some

varieties need minor coverage, such as sage, snapdragon, Cuphea; some

seeds should be covered with some thicker, broadcast too deep, such as

ornamental millet. Recommended covering material is coarse vermiculite,

water retention and permeability which are very good.

4. after seeding or covering water, and then spray a fine mist of water

nozzles, drenched, so the seeds and cover with the matrix material full


5. covering the glass cover on the seeding pots, plastic film or plastic

film, can keep the air humidity in winter can also heat warming. Summer

without covering film, covering film can not be sealed on both sides

must be ventilated.

6. shade if planted in summer, be sure to shade, otherwise the light is

too strong, moisture evaporation exuberant, will affect seed



1: 1 Inch=2.54 CM; 1 CM=0.39 Inch. 

2: Due to different producing batches, there may be deviation of 2----3 CM for items. 

3: Colors on your computer monitor may differ slightly from actual product colors depending on your monitor settings.   

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