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If your invite link leads to an aktive user, you will earn a 30% Commission for every Commercial Announcement purchased by your Audience!
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We offer advertisers the capability to choose from an assortment of potential channels, ensuring advertisers work through the most relevant channels for their given product/service, meeting the specific needs for their business!

edentro’s Self Managing Platform allows clients to login and view the real-time statistics for their announcement campaign. These stats are available hourly, daily, monthly, by campaign and by announcement right in your profile analytics!

Advertiser Solutions (Advertisement Packs!)

INCREASE YOUR REACH & CONVERSIONS platform allows advertisers to target millions of web, mobile, and tablet users!


Three banner sizes and four locations available! With those we are able to serve

a maximum of 2 billion worldwide impressions daily through our partner networks!


As part of our Advertisement model, we work with pop unders.

Our advanced filtering system is the answer for ensuring that users who are directed to your Announcement site fit the specifications of your product!

For more information, feel free to contact us!


edentro's advertising, meaning that ads on partner sites are correlated to the content on the page the user is viewing.

This allows advertisers to target their products and services to those users with complementary interests, thereby maximizing conversions!


Geo-Targeting - our partners generates over two Billion ad impressions worldwide daily.

We are able to generate the highest quality traffic on the internet today.

Due to this high volume of top-tier traffic, it is necessary to distinguish traffic by geo-location, giving advertisers the opportunity to target only the traffic that’s best for them!


We will do this for you!


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